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Microsoft POS 2009

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 features an intuitive and highly customizable user interface that gives all employees, from the storefront to the back office, access to critical information such as inventory levels and purchase history. The interface is optimized for touch screens and can be tailored for specific roles or individuals, increasing productivity and reducing costs associated with training times. In addition, retailers have the ability to create custom buttons for completing common tasks, adding efficiency to each transaction.


Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 provides your employees with a familiar Microsoft software experience. Because your employees get up to speed quickly, they can concentrate on excellent customer service. You get improved employee productivity with a role based user experience that provides employees with the information to make better decisions and to help lower costs.

Role-specific features

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 provides powerful wizards to set up your retail solution in a way that works for your business and your employees without professional IT staff. During setup, an employee can customize the screen to suit a particular role. Convenient, customizable features include:

  • Function options

  • Accommodations for both right-handed and left-handed users

  • Display and form layout

  • Status alerts

  • Fonts, colors, and graphics

Fits with your systems

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 helps you improve retail store operations from the point of sale to your supply chain relationships. Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 works with your existing Microsoft business products to enhance information-sharing, and scales to meet future needs. And because it's familiar, easy to use, and fits with existing systems and Microsoft technologies, you can reduce IT costs, maximizing your IT investment.

Fuels productivity

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 automates processes and adapts to your specific retail business. Your employees are free to be more productive and focus on customers. And you can enhance customer loyalty by providing unique shopping experiences, including multichannel retailing, mobility, and flexible payment options.

Enables informed decision-making

Your business changes quickly. With Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, you can respond quickly with the insight you and your employees need to make decisions confidently. And with greater visibility into inventory management, trends, and employee productivity, you can maximize business success.

Whether your business is one or two stores or a retail chain, Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 helps you integrate store operations, business information, and processes.

  • Integrate planning, organization, execution, and follow-up for all supply chain flows—including goods flows that commonly occur in centrally managed retail chains.

  • Manage inventory levels at all stores from the back office and establish centralized rules for specific stores to guide ordering, replenishment, and stock management.

  • Efficiently track orders, prepayments, invoices, and cash payments by controlling and administering cash registers from a single location.

Works with your existing software

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 works smoothly with other Microsoft business products you already use for improved information sharing and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Work easily from within your business management solution with familiar Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and Outlook for efficient data analysis and communications.

  • Maximize the potential of other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, the Windows operating system, and Windows SharePoint Services to manage data more effectively, enhance reporting and analytics capabilities, facilitate collaboration, and strengthen security.

  • Integrate easily with other ERP or financial management software, including Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • Take advantage of industry-standard technologies—including XML, FTP, HTTP, OPOS (OLE for Retail Point of Sale), and Microsoft POS for .NET—so you can connect easily to other third-party, line-of-business software and devices and increase information sharing across your business.

Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 retail inventory management and reporting

Fundamental to your retail business's success is your ability to manage and report on your inventory. With Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, you get advanced and effective inventory management and reporting tools. With these tools, you can

  • Access, analyze, and share current, detailed data across your entire business—including multiple store locations—with a wide range of flexible reports.

  • Take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to create ad-hoc, easy-to-use reports to share across your organization as well as advanced reporting options, such as inline search, reporting across multiple datasets, and data export to Microsoft Office Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

  • Use a powerful search capability to bring valuable reports and inventory data to the cashier view for enhanced productivity and customer service.

  • Schedule replenishment precisely and fill demand to meet individual store needs with visibility into current inventory and your supply chain.

  • Help achieve higher inventory turns and gross margin return on investment (GMROI) while you reduce costs in the supply chain by managing inventory detail. Filter item data by using groups of characteristics such as style, color, and size, and make changes in real time to inventory levels, pricing, and discounts

  • Connect sales information to your supply chain for more efficient management of product life cycles by using integrated processes that help you optimize stock levels at stores and distribution centers.

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